About Us

Matriarch is an emerging Canadian activewear brand inspired by all the tough ladies out there who’re striving to achieve their goals every day. We don’t see ourselves just as an apparel brand but a community that wants to grow together. We are here to provide you with high-quality activewear that exudes your inner strength and character. Our goal is to inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves and be their own kind of beautiful. Even though our brand is very women centric and celebrates women but we’re all about connecting with people who share the same values as us irrespective of gender. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards for our apparel while still being affordable. Our brand understands 'you' and 'your' concerns like no other. We are working day in and out to give you what you so rightly deserve. The designer pieces we make have in it 'your' core values - strength, dignity, goodwill, endurance - sewed to perfection with the fabric made of love and peace. We aim to redefine activewear that speaks to both your inner leader and the hustle of daily life.